Miami Youth Fitness (MYF) is a training facility that specializes in improving the athletic development of young athletes. We also emphasize educating young athletes on the proper form/technique that will allow them to stay safe and injury free. Whether your child is 10 years old and starting their athletic journey or 16 years old and preparing for college, WE ARE WHAT THEY NEED!

Starting with an athletic assessment and the identification of each participants strengths and weaknesses, our program customizes a fitness program to each person's age and fitness level. We work closely with doctors, physical therapist, and other healthcare providers to ensure the best care and attention is given to our youth athletes and adult participants.

Yes, WE SAID ADULT PARTICIPANTS! At MYF we also provide adult fitness classes that are designed to help adults/parents feel young again. We believe every successful athlete needs a positive role model of health and there is no one better to do that then their own parents.





About Miami Youth Fitness

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What some happy students say: